The Path for Alpha East

“First of All, Leading the Way

The Alpha Path

As a candidate for Eastern Region Vice President, the “Alpha Path” is intentional and will build on our Region’s mantra of “First of All, Leading the Way;” acknowledging that Brothers are looking for a direction and a leadership that will help us to not only Advance in spite of the present realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also beyond it, with global growth expectations.

To that end, all of us TOGETHER will embark upon the opportunity right in front of us, to REFLECT. REFOCUS. REPURPOSE. In doing so, TOGETHER, we will again shape the future on the basis of the past. We will lead the way to an Alpha Path that honors our most celebrated legacy and accomplishments, and signals the way forward to our bright future.

The Alpha Path + Measurable Actions

As you digest the Alpha Path, you will encounter outcomes that are measurable. Working together with all 7 Districts, we will be able to fully step out and execute our Fraternity’s Mission Statement globally, in the following ways:

The Alpha Path towards

developing LEADERS

Alpha Leadership Pathways Video Series: Make short films 7 minutes in length illuminating college and alumni Brother’s journeys towards career success across industry sectors and around the globe for brotherhood and general public consumption.

Virtual Eastern Region Support Network: Produce podcasts detailing place-based challenges, constraints, and opportunities that college and alumni chapters face towards mission fulfillment; covering topics such as helping in chapter transitions (ex: College to Alumni), governance, philanthropy, coping with COVID-19, citizen uprisings, natural hazards and disasters, and other disruptive events; providing a medium for idea sharing across the Region.

Alpha Professional Development Consortium: Create a consortium platform that college and alumni Brothers may use to exchange knowledge and strategies on interviewing, interning, studying and working abroad.

The Alpha Path towards


Eastern Region Cost Study: Examine costs associated with Eastern Region operations to help make college and alumni participation in the fraternal mission more equitable and affordable internationally.

Eastern Region Convention Task Force: Explore the feasibility of conducting the
regional convention in all countries constituting the International District and on the campuses of HBCUs, Ivy League, public, state, and liberal arts institutions from Maine to Virginia.

Eastern Region Convention Restructuring Plan: Enable delegates to stimulate their ambitions towards the visual and performing arts, sporting events, and other attractions in convention locations by locating and  removing bottlenecks (e.g., registration, number of sessions, etc.) that keep them stuck in all-day meetings.

The Alpha Path towards promoting


College Brothers Trust Initiative: Reward college chapters for performance reflecting the Esprit de Fraternité with cost-saving incentives towards participation in conventions and financial assistance towards the daily living of their College lives.

Eastern Region Building Education Bridges Campaign: Activate the network of Brothers who are K – 12 educators and faculty and staff at higher education institutions in the region towards joining efforts to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline in urban centers like Boston, Hartford, Brooklyn, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Richmond.

Eastern Region Building Corporate Companions Campaign: Invite representatives of Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, foundations, and other organizations in the region to participate in organizational efforts to connect college and alumni Brothers to internship, job, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The Alpha Path towards providing


Digital Storytelling Chapter of the Year Series: Adapt Chapter of the Year displays for digital storytelling platforms that market & broadcast the positive service work of college and alumni chapters to local, regional, and international audiences.

Eastern Region Alpha Day at the Capitol Extension Plan: Convene coordinators of District-sponsored Alpha Day at the Capitol gatherings to produce and implement a plan for greater Alpha presence at those and other centers of political and legislative power, including city councils, township boards, etc.

Virtual Eastern Region Public Meeting Series: Host monthly District-led public meetings on cultural, political, economic, and environmental topics of urban, suburban, and coastal community importance.

Any donation you would be willing to make to further the effectiveness of this campaign to advance Alpha East is greatly appreciated.  Feel free make a donation of either the preset amounts or any amount of your choosing.

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let’s Advance Alpha East As One.

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