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Capitol Crisis and Fraternal Reflections

Greetings, Brothers of AlphaEast!

The violent events at the United States Capitol on January 6th raised fears and lowered hopes and expectations about our democracy across the country and abroad, and rightfully so. As adults, we watched the news in utter disbelief as other American citizens raged blindly to overthrow our government. For those whose children sat beside them, the images of the storming were deeply terrifying to them. What do you say to your child whom you are raising to take accountability for themselves, and to treat others with respect and dignity? I, for one, spoke to my children about the role of white supremacy that fueled the chain of events. I also raised the importance of being proactive as opposed to reactive in all matters relating to their future participation in electoral and legislative processes like I was taught on the path towards becoming an Alpha man.

As I run for office, the insurrection served as another vivid reminder for why I want to be your next Vice President. After every chapter and district meeting I attend, to inform you of my leadership qualities and credentials, I take a great deal of time to pause and reflect on your questions and our discussions. In doing so, this strengthens my resolve along with the strategic plan for the region I have laid out for us to advance as one, in any crisis situation. A crucial item of the plan that resonates with current political events, for example, is the Eastern Region Alpha Day at the Capitol Extension Plan. If we are to have and be a part of a true democracy, we must play an active and sustained role at every level of governance as Alpha men. The raid on the Capitol did not begin on January 6th, nor was Washington, DC its starting point. The Extension Plan calls for convening coordinators of District-sponsored Alpha Day at the Capitol gathering to devise common yet flexible protocols for participation in hopes of creating greater Alpha presence at capitols and other centers of political and legislative power, including city councils, township management boards, etc.

In this regard, The Virtual Eastern Region Support Network is another strategic plan component that enables us to develop tighter bonds to be on one accord. The aim of the Network is to put to functional use the lived experiences of our Brothers here on American soil and those living and working Internationally to help address the challenges, constraints, and opportunities college and alumni Brothers face towards mission fulfillment. The podcasts my administration will create will cover internal chapter issues like leadership succession and philanthropy. However, they will also address how Brothers and chapters handle external matters like citizen uprisings and other disruptive events that impact the health and well-being of our families and our communities.

This is a moment of great change in America and around the globe as evidenced by current events, Brothers. Developed is a strategic plan whose goal is to reduce our vulnerabilities and strengthen our resilience as a brotherhood. Its implementation will enable us to manage the effects political, economic, cultural, and even environmental change has on our chapters. More importantly, the plan is for the benefit of us as Alpha men and all whom we care for and love. This is why I am running for office, and why I am running now.

Visit for more information about the strategic vision. You may also reach me at (860) 558-5118 or email at if you have questions and care to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

With One Heart. One Vision. One Spirit. We are Advancing As ONE!

Fraternally yours,

Steven King, Jr.
29th Eastern Region Vice President Candidate
Made at Gamma Nu
Matured at Beta Sigma Lambda

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Thank you for your support,
let’s Advance Alpha East As One.

Steven King, Jr.
c/o Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 89 1     |    Hartford, CT 06143

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