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Letter from Bro. King

My Brothers of Alpha East!

What an honor it is to have been certified as a candidate for the 29th Eastern Region Vice President! I am extremely excited to bring many years of commitment, of learning, and of inclusive leadership to our Brotherhood, as I seek to earn your vote to hold such an office.

Many of you know me as the Director of Membership for Alpha East; most remember me as the Executive Director. Others remember me as the District Director of the ONECA, the New England Chapters of Alpha; and back further still, as the Chapter President of Beta Sigma Lambda of Hartford, CT. Some may even remember me as the creator of the Hartford Step-Off Classic, one of the most profitable public step shows and health fairs that New England has ever witnessed; netting over $125K for the Beta Sigma Lambda Educational Foundation, over the six years of its existence, from which we continue to give scholarships and grants to youth in the Greater Hartford community.

I’ve had MANY roles in our beloved Alpha, since I was initiated through the Gamma Nu Chapter seated at Penn State University in the fall of 1993.

But the most important roles in my life, are as the husband to Carolyn May and father to my children, Sofia May and Roman Marcellus. My wife and I were born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we now reside in South Windsor, Connecticut. We are members of Crossroads Community Cathedral, where I serve on the worship team, my wife serves in the nursery, and my daughter works with the 4 and 5-year olds, and my son is active in his Sunday school.

As a candidate for Eastern Region Vice President, the “Alpha Path” is very intentional and will build on our Region’s mantra of “First of All, Leading the Way;” acknowledging that Brothers are looking for a direction and a leadership that will help us to not only Advance in spite of the present realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also beyond it, with global growth expectations. To that end, all of us TOGETHER will embark upon the opportunity right in front of us, to REFLECT. REFOCUS. REPURPOSE. In doing so, TOGETHER, we will again shape the future on the basis of the past. We will lead the way to an Alpha Path that honors our most celebrated legacy and accomplishments, and signals the way forward to our bright future.

As you digest the Alpha Path, you will encounter outcomes that are measurable. Working together with all 7 Districts, we will be able to fully step out and execute our Fraternity’s Mission Statement in the following ways:

From developing leaders, via the Alpha Professional Development Consortium; to promoting brotherhood via the Eastern Region Convention Restructuring Plan; to promoting academic excellence by the College Brothers Trust Initiative; to providing service to our communities in the Eastern Region Alpha Day at the Capitol Extension Plan.

Here, you see the “what.” Our conversations and interactions together over the next several months will include the “why,” the “for whom,” and the “how” this will be accomplished together as ONE, as well as what our Region and our Fraternity has to gain in our collective future.

Brothers, the Alpha Path is clear. However, it can only be achieved if we all look to Advance as ONE. ONE body, and ONE Brotherhood, united in thought and action, confident in the merits of this Alpha Path which embody the Mission Statement of our Fraternity. Realizing that our great Alpha Phi Alpha is not a group of clannish men, but a body of men who look to HOLD ALPHA HIGH – TOGETHER, and who will continue to lead from the front….remembering that the sun ALWAYS rises in the East.

I look forward to our engagements as we REFLECT. REFOCUS. REPURPOSEAdvancing as ONE.

Any donation you would be willing to make to further the effectiveness of this campaign to advance Alpha East is greatly appreciated.  Feel free make a donation of either the preset amounts or any amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your support,
let’s Advance Alpha East As One.

Steven King, Jr.
c/o Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 89 1     |    Hartford, CT 06143

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