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A Real Plan for College Chapter Growth & Sustainability  

My Brothers of Alpha East,

Year after year and campaign after campaign, we hear the same conversation that “College Brothers are the life blood of Alpha” and that “we need to do more to support College Brothers and College Chapters.”  We hear rhetoric about the need to do more to help College Chapters with their growth and development; with their chapter and personal financial obligations; and with their transition into alumni life.

And I couldn’t agree more!

But what happens each time after another Brother is elected…?

You guessed it.  Not much.  And it becomes a talking point for the next campaign or the next convention.

Brothers, talk is cheap.  But as your candidate for Eastern Region Vice-President, I have demonstrated my commitment to leading on this issue and bringing about real results.

That’s WHY I led the way to help charter an alumni association non-profit for my college chapter of initiation.  I am a founding member of the Gamma Nu Alumni Association, Inc. which provides financial support to the college chapter, provides supplemental advising and helps to guide graduating Brothers into Alumni Chapters.  This isn’t a new idea.  It’s a model that has proven to be successful across the Fraternity.  And as the ERVP, I will lead the way to help replicate this model across the Eastern Region so that all College Chapters have access to similar resources.

That is also why my platform speaks to the College Brothers Trust Initiative, which rewards College Chapters for performance that reflects the Esprit de Fraternité with cost-saving incentives towards participation in conventions and financial assistance towards the costs of daily living as College Brothers.

Brothers, I don’t just talk.  I GET THINGS DONE.  If that is what you want in your next ERVP, then the choice is an easy one – I am your candidate.  Our College Brothers and Chapters could certainly use a leader who will put them first.  I am that leader, and together we will ADVANCE AS ONE.

Visit for more information about the strategic vision. You may also reach me at (860) 558-5118 or email at if you have questions and care to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

With One Heart. One Vision. One Spirit. We are Advancing As ONE!

Fraternally yours,

Steven King, Jr.
29th Eastern Region Vice President Candidate
Made at Gamma Nu
Matured at Beta Sigma Lambda

Any donation you would be willing to make to further the effectiveness of this campaign to advance Alpha East is greatly appreciated.  Feel free make a donation of either the preset amounts or any amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your support,
let’s Advance Alpha East As One.

Steven King, Jr.
c/o Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 89 1     |    Hartford, CT 06143

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