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A Brotherhood in Crisis: What Are YOU Prepared To DO?

I have served in a number of leadership roles in Alpha East – from District Director of ONECA, to Executive Director of the Region, as well as many others over these past 27 years. Recently however, throughout the many zoom meetings and phone calls with Chapters and Brothers that I have engaged in as a candidate, there is one prevailing issue that jumps out at me almost every time. “Our Brotherhood is in crisis. Alpha Leadership needs to do something about it.”

I have seen and I have heard from Brothers, that Brothers and Chapters are continuing to bear major crosses and many burdens in their lives. From Brothers losing their jobs and their family members in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to Chapters losing real estate and revenue, to the loss of Chapter membership and the continual threat of the loss of privilege and standing from Universities to our College Chapters, the crises are many and loom large.

Alpha has an ambitious mission, but I know that our mission will not be achieved if our Brothers and our Chapters are not in a good place. We must be our “Brother’s Keeper,” and this has to be more than just a slogan. Our organizational structure must demand that a commitment to caring for our Brothers permeates everything we do. My platform and my strategic plan have several elements to address the crises facing our Brotherhood. Under my administration, on day one, we will implement
the following as a start:

  • The Eastern Region Corporate Companions Campaign: With my successful history in sales, in establishing corporate partnerships, and in job recruiting, I will put together a team that will build a platform to bring in corporations, universities and foundations to connect our Brothers to internships, jobs and pathways to
    entrepreneurship, internationally.
  • The Eastern Region Virtual Support Network: We will create podcasts and begin conversations to discuss challenges, constraints and opportunities so that Brothers and Chapters can get help in areas such as transitioning from College to Alumni Chapters, fundraising and revenue generation, and coping with geographical
  • The College Brothers and Alumni Brothers Trust Initiative: We will reward College Chapters for excellent performance by way of achieving our mission and will help offset the costs and financial burden of being Alpha Men, so that College Brothers can focus on their academics and building strong brotherhood bonds, while
    continuing to take the organization to new heights. The Trust Initiative will also provide a pool of resources to help Alumni Brothers in crisis. If Brothers give to Alpha, then Alpha should give back to the Brothers.

Brothers, I believe the Brotherhood is our most precious asset. As your next Eastern Region Vice-President, I will lead us in taking care of the Brotherhood so that the Brotherhood can take care of Alpha and lead our communities. My campaign slogan is not just empty rhetoric – it is the embodiment of who we are as a Region and as a Fraternity. One Bond. One Brotherhood. Advancing As ONE.

This is your call to action. I want to earn your votes, so that we, together, can make this vision a reality.

Please visit the website, for more insight; follow the Campaign on social media at “AdvancingAsOne1906,” and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at and/or 860-558-5118. I look forward to talking with you all again soon, my Brothers.

With One Heart. One Vision. One Spirit. We are Advancing As ONE!

Fraternally yours,

Steven King, Jr.
29th Eastern Region Vice President Candidate
Made at Gamma Nu
Matured at Beta Sigma Lambda

Any donation you would be willing to make to further the effectiveness of this campaign to advance Alpha East is greatly appreciated.  Feel free make a donation of either the preset amounts or any amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your support,
let’s Advance Alpha East As One.

Steven King, Jr.
c/o Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter
P.O. Box 89 1     |    Hartford, CT 06143

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